How to Navigate the Jeep City Website


How to Navigate the Jeep City Website

If your are looking for a particular part and you know the “PART NUMBER” just type the part number into the box up the top of the page that says “SEARCH” then click on the symbol that looks like a microscope ! if nothing comes up you should then try to search by your “VEHICLE” there might be a part that fits and works in your Jeep but the part number is different or superseeded.

If you dont know your part number its best to search by “VEHICLE” .  If your on this page and reading this message you should be able to see above this a lines of options. Such as SHOP BRANDS SERVICES CONTACT US and GALLERY.  go to the SHOP by hoovering your mouse curser over the word. When you do that more options appear below the word SHOP.

New Products by Brand – if your just having a look around this is a good place to start, click on one of the BRANDS and see what is on offer. Or if your chasing a particular branded item you might find it here.

New Parts by Vehicle – if your looking for new ideas or new parts for your Jeep, this would be a good area to look at, click on SHOP then NEW PARTS BY VEHICLE for all the new products  we have for Jeeps.

Used Jeep Parts – This is where we have the largest part of our stock, we have over 10,000 jeep parts in stock and they are mostly quality pre owned Jeep parts. From Vintage CJ’s to J Series Trucks, FSJ Cherokee and XJ KJ Cherokees, ZG, WJ, WK Grand Cherokees as well. TJ, JK have a good selection of used parts available to you, and we just love the Willys Pick up and Wagon . Click on USED JEEP PARTS and then click on the picture of your VEHICLE This should show you what has been listed on our site. We have many other parts that have not been loaded onto the wedsite. If you cant find it send us an email at and we can assist you.

Vintage Jeep Parts ( pre 1985) – This area is one of strongest divisions. with thousands of vintage Jeep parts instock we can service your request. If we dont have it we can also to locate the part for you, just send us an email if this is the case.  Click on JEEP CJ 10 to see our latest inventory we aquired recently from a collection.

Clothing and Collectables – There are a few pieces in here, currently we have been focusing on the parts side, however we will endeavour to load more C and C in the very near future. Becasue collecting Jeep memrobilla is FUN.

Once you have selected your CATEGORY, Jeep VEHICLE appear and you should  be able to click on the picture of your Jeep and all the products related to your Jeep line up on the page. Use the scroll to move up and down the page until you do or dont find what your looking for.

Remember just because its not on the website doesnt means we dont have it in stock or we can get it for you, just email us,au

And if you want to go back to the start of the website just click on the JEEPCITY logo which sits in the top Left side of every page.


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