For Sale Modified 1941 Willys Jeep $14000 ono

Registered and Engineered in Queensland.

1941 Willys Jeep modified with a V6 Buick Engine, Automatic Transmission and a Toyota  Transfer case allows this little beauty to keep up with highway traffic. Easliy crusing at 100kph this 41 Willys  you can drive the Jeep anywhere in good time. .Both the front and rear differentials have been upgraded to highway ratios complemented by Limited Slip Differential in the rear Dana 44. All new bearings with fully floating axels.

1941 willys Jeep 4 sale Ken

The Front brakes have been converted to Disc and larger upgraded rear drums. New pads and shoes as well. Power steering allows you to run bigger tyres like the brand new Maxxis Bighorn Muddies in 35″  with widened 15″ Steel Rims.

A sizeable covered in area on the tray a Canvas Canopy keeps your load dry and not covered in dirt or dust. Storage is plentiful and easily accessed for those long weekend camping trips. Shovel , Axe and Gerry Cans come with the Jeep, spot lights comfortable seats everything you could need when your offroading with the Club in custom Jeep.

ken hurling.JPG11

Many other modifications have been added to the custom 1941 Willys Jeep. The owner has had his fun and is moving onto other projects, a pride of the collection this Jeep wont last long in today jeep crazed market! Join up today ! Dont miss out on a one of kind Willys Jeep restored to use daily, weekly and on any weekend.

Call the owner Ken for more details on 0417644086 he be happy to talk to you about the vehicle.

The Jeep CJ-10 was a CJ-bodied pick up truck based on a heavily modified Jeep J10 J Series pickup truck. Produced from 1981 to 1985, it was sold and designed for export markets Australia in particular.They featured rectangular headlights mounted in the fenders and a ten-slot grille, where all other CJ Jeeps had a seven-slot grille. Not confirmed there was 300 made for the Australian market. Making this a rare find and known as the Jeep One-Tonner.

A rare find with this Jeep CJ10 Pick up truck, it has all original parts including :

CJ10 Tub ,CJ10 Tailgate ,CJ10 Tarp and taro bows all in excellent condition

AMC 258 4.2Litre engine thats sound perfect ( with 242,000kms) 6 cylinder inline OHV displacement 4229cm3 , oil changed with new filter.

Max power from factory 115hp SAE at 3200rpm Max Torque 27.1 mkg at 1600rpm

Tremec T176 Manual Transmission 4 speed gearbox and Reverse

Transfer Case is a New Process NP 208 ‘ Command Trac” Part time 2 speed manual. Low and High 4×4 , locking manual hubs

Front Differential Dana 44 and Rear Differential Dana 60 just received new hats and fresh oil and seals

Suspension is a rigid rear axle, rigid axle front springs , extended shackles in the front and lift blocks in the rear to give it an extra 2″ lift.

5 – 35/12.50R15 Mickey Thompson Claw Tyres approx 50% worn, with a 5 spoke American Racing 15×10″ rims.

Currently it has no front bumper

The cab has a 3/4 passenger seat, and a single bucket style for the driver. Plenty of room in the cab allows larger people to enjoy driving this Jeep Truck. A few of the guages have been swapped out for modern versions, and a large taco is attached to the steering coloumn. The interior is a nutmeg in colour, with matching dash pad, door cards and sun visors. The seat is also in this factory colour.

One of the key features of the CJ10 was its rear split window, a real joy to slide open on a hot day and let the breeze flow through the cab, or just have it open so you can yell at the dog!

Additional filters and breathers have been added to the tops of the diff breather pipes, a K&N Air Filter and a upgraded electronic Distributor with leads.

Currently doesnt have a stero or Radio, obviusly the previus owner was more interested in listening to the sweet sound of his motor

There is a small rust hole in the upper LHS fire wall about the size of a 50c piece. The door handles also have some surface rust, however these can be easlily replaced with new chrome or black paddle handles.

Body work and paint is in reasonable condition for a Jeep of 36 years, we havent washed it as yet as can been seen in the pictures. Some buyers prefer the patina look.


Jeep One- Tonner CJ10 parts collection up for grabs piece by piece!

( to be released Jan 2019)

    CJ10 Grille (5)                  

As Jeep collecting gets into full swing, many rare and forgotten Jeeps are rediscovered. The CJ-10 is one not familiar to everyone and was designed from the outset for export markets, Australia in particular, where light 4×4 utility pickups, a.k.a. “utes,” were (and are) very popular. With Jeep’s enviable name recognition, it was thought a CJ-based unit would have the suds to knock Toyota, and others, off their high-horse export markets. The serious design work on the CJ-10 started in 1980, but there is rumination on the topic in export product planning materials as early as 1977.

The original platform for what would become the CJ-10 was the J-10 series Jeep ½-ton trucks; though by the time it was finished it had been altered considerably. Originally, it was conceived in two GVWs (5,900 and 6,700 pounds) and a choice of three engines. The running gear remained fairly standard fullsized Jeep stuff, a rear semi-float Dana 44 (low-GVW) or Dana 60 (high-GVW), Dana 44 front, NP208 transfer case, Chrysler TorqueFlite 727 automatic or Tremec T-177 four-speed manual. Engine choices started with two gas engines, the 151ci two-barrel, four-cylinder and 258ci two-barrel six-cylinder, and a 3.3L Nissan SD-33 six-cylinder diesel. Gear ratios were 4.10 for the 258 and diesel but 4.88 for the four-banger. The CJ-10s were offered as hardtops or softops.

 The initial prototypes were tested in 1981 and the first almost 300 were built at the AM General (AMG) plant in South Bend, Indiana. When the ailing AMC sold off AMG in 1983, production was moved to VAM (Vehiculos Automores Mexicanos) in Mexico, where between 500 and 600 were built. Most of those, and the AMG units, went to Australia, but some found their way to places in South America, Sri Lanka, Canada, and New Zealand. Jeep Australia rebuilt some to compete in a failed attempt to land a contract for a new Aussie military vehicle.

The CJ-10s in Australia were most often called the J10, marketed at times as the “Jeep One-Tonner.” They were well received in Australia but the universe didn’t align to knock the Japanese off their domination of the Aussie 4×4 ute market and imports had stopped by 1985. The Australian dollar was low against the U.S. dollar and dropped even more, effectively pricing the CJ-10 out of the market. But the CJ-10 wasn’t quite dead yet.

In 1984, a CJ-10-based flightline aircraft tug was developed for the military. It was based on the VAM-built CJ-10 and the first prototypes were built in Michigan for tests. Once greenlighted for production, VAM parts were assembled by PSI-Mobile, in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, into the bobtail CJ-10a tug. The 4×2 CJ-10a was produced into 1986, to the tune of a few over 2,000 units and that’s when the CJ-10 DNA finally died.

The civilian CJ-10 had all the right attributes to succeed in the markets in which they were introduced. Currency exchange rates and an ailing AMC/Jeep conspired to prevent exploiting the CJ-10’s obvious virtues. Until recently, CJ-10s had almost been forgotten, except by some in the hard-core Jeep collecting crowd. In Australia, they are already a collectible.

The ’82 CJ-10 you see here now belongs to Brett Quodling of Canberra, owner and operator of the oldest Jeep business in Australia Jeep City since 1954. It’s one of a handful that are still in good condition with many years of service ahead of it . It’s a right-hand drive, 6,700 pound GVW model, with the AMC 258 4.2L inline 6cy engine, 4 speed top loader T177 gearbox and instruments in kilometers. It’s been stored in the back of a shed for the past 10 years, until a recent facebook meeting took place over some CJ10 badges. From there the previuos owner introduced Brett to his collection of Jeep and especially the three Cj10’s trucks and many new and restored parts he wanted to sell. You could imagine the excitement when Brett had the opportunity to fly to Adelaide to inspect this rare vintage Jeep collection!


Once a deal was done a return trip to Adelaide Hills was on the cards, driving over with the Jeep City JK Supercharged Rubicon and trailer in tow. A 2 day epic shed session happened and all the parts and trucks where packed, strapped and wrapped ready for a return journey back to the east coast of Australia. A 2800km round trip Brett left Adelaide with the complete CJ10 on the car trailer loaded with small, breakable and expensive parts bound for home. Once home the parts where unpacked and identified, tagged and the arduios task of pricing these rare items was still ahead. The other 2 CJ10 where then arranged to be picked up by a car carrier and delivered to the Jeep City holding depot in Fyshwick Canberra. As we type this letter the remaining 2 CJ10 are being loaded by custom vehicle solutions who move vehicle that arent running or driving.


Over the coming weeks parts will be released onto the Jeep City website, ebay store, Facebook market place and Gumtree. With a great cult following with the Cj10 here in Australia, I believe these parts will sell fast. Considering our harsh coastal condition many CJ10 are in need of fresh panels, parts and pieces. Limited numbers of parts will be available as there are only 2 x Cj10 Jeeps to be sold off in pieces and the 3rd will remain complete for just the right buyer who can appreciate the rareness of the CJ10 – The Jeep One- Tonner. sold 24/12/2018

The SOLD Pending deposit Details :
Vehicle: 1982 Jeep CJ-10
Owner: Brett Quodling – Jeep City
Estimated value: $15,000
Engine: 258 cu in (4.2 L) AMC I6
Torque (lb-ft): 137.5 @ 2,000 rpm
Bore & stroke (in): 3.31 x 3.94
Comp. ratio: 20.8:1
Transmission: 4-speed Tremec T177manual
Transfer case: 2-spd, NP208
Front axle: Dana 44
Rear axle: Dana 60, semi-float
Axle ratio: 4.10:1
Tires: 35/12.50R15 Mickey Thompson Claws
Wheelbase (in): 119 Length 196 in (4,980 mm) with the utility box and rear bumper
Fuel capacity (gal): 20 (main), 15 (aux. opt.)
Min. grd. clearance (in): 9
Curb weight (lbs): 4,300 (2000kg)
GVW (lbs): 6,700

If you have a CJ10 and are looking for parts get in early and send us your wish list via email. This is the best way to get the opportunity to beat the crowd and get first bite at these rare in excellent condition CJ10 parts.  please email us at or



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omix ada collection

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A long wheelbase version of the CJ-7, the Jeep® CJ-8 was introduced in 1981 and manufactured through 1986. The American Motor Company built the CJ-8, a 103-inch-wheelbase pickup with lots of rear overhang, as a replacement for the CJ-6. CJ-8s used the traditional transfer case with manual front-locking hubs to engage the four-wheel drive. During that time, most CJ-8s had either a four or five speed manual transmission, but three speed automatic transmissions were also optional.

Omix-ADA Tailgate with JEEP Logo Stamped - DMC-5454025

For many Jeep® enthusiasts, the CJ-8 is also known as the “Scrambler,” which describes the appearance of the package in which many CJ-8s were presented, which included tape graphics and special wheels. The Jeep® CJ-8 “Scrambler,” is a limited edition classic and came in hard- or soft-top models. There were only 27,792 CJ-8s produced from 1981 to 1986.


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