The Jeep CJ, meaning civilian jeep, had the longest production run of any Jeep built so far. Starting with the first CJ in 1944 built by Willys-Overland running all the way until the last CJ built by AMC rolled off the assembly line in 1986. With such a long production run, many revisions and redesigns occurred. Here are some tips to help identify some of the CJs you may encounter.

CJ-2 1945


Although the Willys-Overland CJ-2 was not really available for retail. The CJ-2s, were the second generation prototype. Using the Willys same “Go Devil Engine,” but stripped of all military features. The earlier models had brass plaques on the hood and a windshield that read “JEEP”. The spare tire was mounted near the passenger-side rear wheel on the earlier models and then mounted on the rear in the later additions