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omix ada collection

New and used Jeep parts available now online! Jeep City online Store

Welcome to our online shop! We have a large range of New and Used Jeep parts to suit Jeeps from 1950’s to 2015 . We specialise in older CJ Jeep parts and have many second hand parts that have been stored dry and covered for many years.

Transfer Cases, Transmissions, Steering components, Gears, Seals and Bearings!                        Bantam_Model_18_diagram_plate

Jeep Transfer Cases such as Dana Spicer 18 and 20’s rebuilt or as is. New Process “NV”231, NVG 242 for XJ, TJ, YJ and ZG are available and ready to ship daily which are a tough transfer case with low range in good condition for Jeeps from 1987 to 2002. A little harder to come by are the 208,219,228 & 229 transfer cases for Full size Jeeps and early XJ’s so contact us via our email address to see if these parts are available. Gearbox’s like the T90, T90A, T90E plus T18, T19 are available whole or parts and gears for rebuilds. Motors we have on the shelf AMC 258. AMC 360. AMC 318, Ford Power Straight 6, Willys Flat Head L134, F134. The Tornado . L226 and many other variaties for Jeeps.




A long wheelbase version of the CJ-7, the Jeep® CJ-8 was introduced in 1981 and manufactured through 1986. The American Motor Company built the CJ-8, a 103-inch-wheelbase pickup with lots of rear overhang, as a replacement for the CJ-6. CJ-8s used the traditional transfer case with manual front-locking hubs to engage the four-wheel drive. During that time, most CJ-8s had either a four or five speed manual transmission, but three speed automatic transmissions were also optional.

Omix-ADA Tailgate with JEEP Logo Stamped - DMC-5454025

For many Jeep® enthusiasts, the CJ-8 is also known as the “Scrambler,” which describes the appearance of the package in which many CJ-8s were presented, which included tape graphics and special wheels. The Jeep® CJ-8 “Scrambler,” is a limited edition classic and came in hard- or soft-top models. There were only 27,792 CJ-8s produced from 1981 to 1986.


So try us on our new and used Jeep parts, contact us via our email addresses for your next Jeep part. contact via email or today! Dont forget to have your Jeeps VIN, year model and sub model ready. A part number always cuts down the research time, and a picture tells a thousand words with older Jeep parts!