Jeep CJ-10 Rear Sliding Split Window Latch 1981-1985 NEW


Jeep CJ-10 J Series Rear Sliding Split Window Latch 1981-1985 New into Stock.

One of the most common  part asked for by CJ10 owners is the latch that holds the rear sliding window together. Easily broken when they have been sun damaged or the window jams in the track. Before you know it a discontinued rare part for your truck is gone.

for international orders please email me directly for a shipping quote.

Jeep CJ10  1981 – 1985

J Series – 1967 -1988

New Rear Sliding Window Latch Made in Japan, Quality better than original equipment! 

we also have complete rear window sliding assembly available, please inquire via email or check out the listing in the vintage parts CJ10 section

1 in stock

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