AMC Jeep CJ-10 Original Turn Signals Reproductions Exclusive to Jeep City Australia available now to pre order. Limited numbers.

CJ10 Turn Signals $300P


Ladies and Gentlemen, I thought it prompt to speak out now about what I have uncovered about the Cibi Turn Signal Split amber , clear light assembly for the CJ10’s . Not only did the AMC Jeep CJ10 have them fitted stock, they where also fitted to the Ferrari Mondial 1982 and another Eurepean Classis the Bitter SC only for a couple early years in the 1980’s.

CJ10 Indicator Lens image
An extended worldwide search for these lamps for nearly 10 years has finally paid off for the owners of the CJ10 . Just recently a solid month of emails Ive found a supplier of these lamps in complete reproduced units better than the originals . It Includes the lens , chrome surround, backing case and they are all wired up. The globes are included all you have to do is transfer the original plugs over to match the wiring loom They are not expensive when compared to replacement indicator lights for Jeeps in todays market. You can buy a lesser alternative but hey we all know they never fit right and I think these rare Turn Signals are an edearing part of the CJ10. 


These Turn Signals are pre paid items I would expect the wait will be worth it, I will ship internationally. We will have a limited run so be quick and contact us today via email jeepcity@bigpond.net.au or go straight to our listing on this website

Jeep CJ10 Turn Signal Indicator Lamp Assemblys 1981 – 1985 New Reproduction Limited Run

and secure yourself one of the rarest CJ10 vintage part now back on the market.

$300 Aus a pair , plus shipping